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Finally, Carers Trust's Life in a Spin game is online now! This is nothing new to you, however you may wish to have a look at it, play it, and share it with as many people as you can and ask them to try stepping in to the shoes of a young adult carer like you and experience all the tough decisions you have to make on a daily basis.
Ask them - "Can you take the challenge of life in a spin?"
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NinaSmiles picture
3 years ago
Very good! There is a couple of the games where I think all the plates should of fallen off. For example the letter home section. All the plates fall off and the end but the caring plate. However I believe that one should have feel too as a letter home would have stress, upset or made that mum feel guilty. Which would leave the Carer feeling bad too. Gets the message accross though! Fantastic!