5 months ago

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Hi am trying to get some advise
i have had to make a lot of hard choices and they have made me feel like i have made the wrong choices can anyone help me feel better about these
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BeckyLMH picture
5 months ago
Hi Laura, I recently had to make some hard choices too and I have since lost some friends as a result of these. At first I started to regret them but as time went by I realised it was the right decision and was for the best. Never regret anything as they can always be changed, especially as we have our whole lives ahead of us. As Erica rightly said, many things can still be reversed in the future. Stay strong Smile emoticon
5 months ago
Hi Laura,

Sounds like it's been difficult. If the choices were hard then there probably wasn't an obvious good or bad one otherwise it wouldn't have been difficult.
There are always multiple sides which may be hard to predict at the beginning. Many aren't totally irreversible but it's obviously hard to say without knowing what they were.
Who is making you feel like they were wrong? Perhaps try explaining your reasoning if their opinion matters to you.