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Applying to uni: how to write a personal statement

It’s time to write your Personal Statement to apply for university and you’re stuck. The blank page is looking very intimidating and you have no idea how to fill it. What do you do?

Don’t worry. You are not alone, Personal Statements are never easy but you have an advantage. You may well have extra skills that others don’t because of your caring role. A carer is someone who looks after, unpaid, a family member or friend who could not cope without their support. 

Watch the video below to see how other carers have balanced their caring role and studying at university and how Carers Trust is campaigning to improve the university experience for all carers. 

We also have a collection of practical tips on how to write your personal statement and how to include your caring role from the people that know – UCAS, university admissions staff, support workers and other carers.


Matter is a safe, secure online community where you can get tips and advice on anything to do with being a carer either from other carers or from our trained one to one support staff. If you are a young adult carer aged 16-25 take a moment to sign up.









James Durant — UCAS

Your background as a carer will have given you skills and experiences that can set you apart from other candidates. Writing about your personal journey, and linking it to the subject you want to study will strengthen your application and make it stand out

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Luke — a young adult carer

I decided to bring my carer status into my personal statement and university application. I would like to think that telling the universities that you are planning on applying to, especially if you are living at home whilst you attend uni, can help you massively, through the extensions of deadlines as well as extra support in your studies

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Barbara — Carers Representative on NUS Women’s Committee

I would encourage you to disclose your caring responsibilities in your personal statement if you can. You don’t have to disclose in detail but you can say you will be open to discussing it with the university

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Dr Terri Sandison — University of Winchester Staff

Universities are becoming much more aware of the strengths and needs of young adult carers who apply to, and become students in, higher education

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Tracy Hyland — Young adult carers support worker

What a lot of young adult carers don't realise is the breadth of of life-skills and experience they've achieved — they are unique individuals

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