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1 week ago

Think About You - October: Remember to look after yourself and have some 'me time'. Read Think About You HERE to pick up ideas.

New info and advice posts: about how much is too much alcohol?, legal highsdrugs and drivingI am worried about someone else's drinking, and what do you know about hangovers?

Recent timeline event: Catch up on tips around emergency planning here.

Campaign success: UCAS has confirmed that from 2018 there will be a specific option on its application form prompting young adult carers to identify themselves. More here.

Matter's confidential email helpline: Find out more here.

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2 weeks ago
Hi all it's been a while since my last post, how is everyone? Winking emoticon

A lot has happened over the past few couple of months, got my examinations and coursework results, unfortunately I failed 1 module so will have to resit that, it was around the time my Mum was not doing so well, neither was my Nan who's been in and out of hospital, and watching my Uncle's struggles to live with his conditions weigh on my mind.
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