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6 days ago

Get involved (England only): Young Adult Carers Research Advisory Group - details and how to apply can be found here.

Think About You - August: Remember to look after yourself and have some 'me time'. Read Think About You here to pick up ideas.

Latest expert event: On 2nd August we talked about anything and everything to do with drugs and alcohol here.

Campaign success: UCAS has confirmed that from 2018 there will be a specific option on its application form prompting young adult carers to identify themselves. More here.

New advice and info posts: find out what local carers' centres offer young adult carers, how to get support from your local council and where to get support if you are moving away from home.

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4 days ago
What about a game this bank holiday weekend? It goes like this: We've picked five letters and the next person has to make a sentence using just these five letters and then leave five new letters for the person after. Like this...

Wise marmosets munch cherry tomatoes.

Here are five to get you started:

Get creative and enjoy Smile emoticon Silly sentences definitely allowed!
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3 months ago
Hi every one was just so seeing if I could have a few words to describe what your centers ment to you or even to describe what it is like to be a carer. This is because I am writing a spoken word poem on what it is like to be a carer and what kind of support we need/want or get already. It would be really amazing if I could get as many peoples words as I can. I will post it when it is finished it might take me a little bit of time. If you would like any other details don't hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance.
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Do services for the person with care needs make a difference for young adult carers? A research project in England is being set up to find the answer to that question. You could be involved and give them advice based on your experience. To find out more have a look at this information sheet:
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1 week ago
First ever post so here goes! I joined this site tonight after getting a call to go to my dad's house just now because he'd fallen, thought he'd left the oven on so fire brigade was called. Got there, two fire engines and a police van outside, he was fine and had got confused thinking the toaster was an oven and wouldn't turn off. this happens a lot and i'm really worried about going back to Uni and not being 2 minutes away to help him. I feel like it's all my fault when he gets stuck and the paramedics are called, just because I don't live with him.
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1 week ago
Signing up to do 100 km run/walk event for dementia in support of my mum . Was her 58th birthday yesterday and this horrible disease is hard to watch . This is my way of supporting her . Not going be easy but will be worth it . While still getting support with my free transport campaign busy busy lol#feeling determined
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1 year ago
Raising Awareness of young adult carers, LGBT, De-stigmatisation of carers
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1 month ago
Hi, I'm new to this. I was texting a classmate (mother and carer) and I off-handedly just said I was a little overwhelmed with everything at home and juggling that with work and (I would say social life but that no longer exists) and she suggested finding a local carer support group which is how I stumbled across this website.
I hope this helps because I haven't really had support dealing with everything. I hope everyone's having a good weekend Smile emoticon
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